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US Aircraft Instruments’ work called into question

The FAA has issued a safety alert for operators who had their aircraft worked on by US Aircraft Instruments between April 1998 and July 9, 2009.

The agency has revoked the Hammonton, N.J., company’s repair station certificate for “failure to properly calibrate instruments used in aircraft certification; work done outside the scope of the repair station ratings; failure to use current technical data; falsification of calibration records.”

Altimeter system and transponder checks performed by the company in the preceding 24 calendar months are considered invalid.

“As these issues may restrict the operations of your aircraft, please review the relevant Federal Aviation Regulations to ensure that your aircraft remains compliant with all required airworthiness inspections,” the alert warns.

The FAA recommends that aircraft owners and operators check their records to determine the dates and amount of work performed on the aircraft by US Aircraft Instruments. If the company did work on the aircraft between April 1998 and July 9, 2009, the FAA warns that the airworthiness of that work is questionable.

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