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AOPA offers graphical TFR map, ends weekend e-mail alerts

Temporary flight restrictions loom large in every pilot’s mind—during pre-flight planning, weather briefings, and even en route. That’s why AOPA provides TFR information to members through its website.

The association has examined its e-mail TFR alert process and has worked to make the process more efficient. Effective Saturday, Aug. 28, AOPA will no longer send e-mail alerts of TFRs initiated on weekends and will not maintain a separate listing of textual notams. Members will continue to receive e-mail TFR alerts during the work week.

AOPA has created an automated graphical map that displays anticipated and active TFRs. It provides more up-to-date information at a glance and can easily be incorporated into flight planning. Members may check the map for a quick look at TFRs in their area, or obtain the same information through AOPA’s Internet Flight Planner. The TFRs are graphically displayed on both. Clicking on the TFR rings—black for inactive and red for active—will produce the textual details of the notam.

In preparation for the change in e-mail practices, AOPA reached out to the FAA, requesting that the agency give the association advance notice of weekend TFRs whenever possible. The FAA agreed, and if possible AOPA will send an e-mail alert in advance of TFRs scheduled for that weekend.

The FAA also offers e-mail TFR alerts through the FAASTeam website. Those who already have an account on the website can select “My Preferences” for a list of e-mail alerts. Click to receive “Local Air Safety Information.” Those who do not have an account can sign up for free and select “Local Air Safety Information.”

AOPA reminds pilots that while the graphical TFR map is an excellent resource for the early stages of flight planning, they should contact flight service for the most recent information regarding TFRs.

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