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Bank of America comes through for AOPA member

<BR cmid="Article:Two Deck"><SPAN class=twodeck cmid="Article:Two Deck">First-time aircraft buyer breezes through financing</SPAN>

When Adam Epstein, an insurance adjuster from Milford, Mass., decided to buy an airplane, he definitely shopped around—but not for financing. “I went straight to AOPA,” he says, “because I value their opinion and they provide great resources.” When he learned that the financing would be through Bank of America, that was a plus: Bank of America is Epstein’s regular bank.

Borrowers don’t normally gush about their lending officers, but Adam does. He worked with Bank of America’s Debbie Smith, and he couldn’t have been more pleased. “When I got the aircraft specs and other paperwork to Debbie, she turned it around in 24 hours and got me approved.” 

“She moved quickly and took very good care of me. She got back to me, returned my calls, answered my questions,” he says. “She is very outgoing, very friendly, very caring.” And when it came time to make the actual money transfer, that went smoothly as well. Adam said, “I just made a phone call, and two hours later, the money was at the seller’s bank. Everything just went smoothly.”

As for his airplane, Adam bought a 1979 Piper Dakota. He plans to use it for family travel for his wife and six-year old son. And speaking of his son, that was the only rough patch. Seems Adam’s son is more into trains than airplanes—at least for now. He urged his dad to buy a train instead. “I’m sure he’ll love the airplane once we have it,” says Adam.

Adam Epstein experienced firsthand how the AOPA Aircraft Financing Program makes aircraft financing easy and aircraft ownership affordable through Bank of America. For more information or to have a Bank of America rep call you to discuss financing, go online.

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