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When you rent an airplane, what coverage do you need?

<BR cmid="Article:Two Deck"><SPAN class=twodeck cmid="Article:Two Deck">Don&rsquo;t Assume You&rsquo;re Covered by the FBO Where You Rent the Airplane</SPAN>

Here’s the situation in the simplest possible terms: The FBO that rents you an aircraft is protecting its interests, not yours. You need your own renter’s insurance. Don’t think just about a catastrophic accident; these days, a minor fender bender can set you back thousands of dollars. You don’t want a surprise bill arriving in the mail from your FBO.

AOPA research shows that many pilots make a mistake when they assume they are covered when renting an airplane. You’re not. And it gets worse: The FBO’s insurance agency can go after the pilot to recover its own costs after a claim, so the bills can keep coming for months or years.

As an AOPA member, you can buy renter’s insurance from AOPA’s Insurance Agency and it’s as easy as buying car insurance. What’s more, as an AOPA member, you get a 5% discount off the regular premium and a 10% discount when you renew if you have maintained a clean flying record.

AOPA has made it easy for you to get a price quote. To learn more about renter’s insurance or get a free quote, visit the AOPA Insurance Agency online or call 800/622-AOPA (2672) Since this is AOPA-endorsed insurance, you have the added protection of knowing that the policy was created with the general aviation pilot in mind.

Insurance agents always speak of the peace of mind that comes with knowing your financial interests are protected. Don’t risk your savings or nest egg by renting an airplane without your own insurance coverage. It’s another way you demonstrate that you are truly the pilot-in-command.

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