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TruFocals solves issues of bifocals

TrufocalsFor pilots who have trouble seeing both the instrument panel and picking out other aircraft, runways, and other distant objects, the folks at TruFocals think they have the answer.

TruFocals work by using two different lenses for each eye—one that’s a fixed lens with a corrective prescription for distance, and an inner liquid lens that’s adjustable. By sliding a small piece of plastic at the top of the bridge, the wearer can adjust the focal point of the inner silicon-based liquid lens, and thus use the same pair of glasses for all of his or her vision needs. The good news for pilots is that the outer lenses also can be tinted for use as sunglasses.

Because the design requires the lenses to be round, only one style of frame is currently available, although buyers can choose a color. The company doesn’t release the weight of the glasses on its Web site, instead saying they are comparable with regular full-frame glasses.

A pair of TruFocals cost $895.


Ian J. Twombly
Ian J. Twombly
Ian J. Twombly is senior content producer for AOPA Media.

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