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Belite offers bare bones aircraft price

Belite Superlite aircraftNow you can get in the air, in a Belite ultralight under FAA Part 103 regulations, for $28,655. The aircraft weighs just 254 pounds, and is powered by a 50-hp Hirth engine.

The Belite Superlite aircraft was named the 2010 Grand Champion Ultralight at Sun ‘n Fun earlier this year.

The standard Superlite has upgraded features including a recovery parachute and sells for $40,066. Belite aircraft models are all designed to provide recreational flyers with economically priced, easy to build and operate aircraft that make flying affordable and accessible.

In order to remain with FAR Part 103 parameters, the 50-hp engine is limited to approximately 38 hp to ensure that ultralight cruise speed limitation of 62 mph is not exceeded.

Belite also offers a tricycle-gear Supertrike ultralight priced at $42,256. The standard model sells for $26,995. Owners can reconfigure the aircraft back into the conventional gear if they choose.

The ultralights can also be mounted on floats and operated as a seaplane. Belite Aircraft, in conjunction with MukTuk Floats of North Vancouver, British Columbia, offers a straight float kit allowing pilots to convert any Belite into a seaplane. The Float Kits are priced at $2,000.

Finally, Belite Aircraft offers solid-state lightweight avionics called Patch Flyer. They are lightweight.

Alton Marsh
Alton K. Marsh
Freelance journalist
Alton K. Marsh is a former senior editor of AOPA Pilot and is now a freelance journalist specializing in aviation topics.

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