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Pilots share compelling aviation stories at Summit

Pull up a chair and settle in for some of the most compelling stories in aviation, told by the pilots who lived them, at AOPA Aviation Summit. 

In a forum sponsored by DTC DUAT, Brian Shul will describe how he was told his flying days were over after sustaining severe injuries as an Air Force fighter pilot, and the great lengths he went to not only to fly again, but to fly an aircraft capable of reaching speeds greater than Mach 3.2 and cruising at 85,000 feet.

Or, travel around the world—and into space—with two homebuilders, Dick Rutan and Mike Melvill!

Find out the true meaning of “Cockpit Courage” with FedEx DC-10 Capt. Jim Tucker, who was awarded the Air Line Pilot’s Association's Gold Medal for Heroism after he and his crew were able to fend off an April 7, 1994, attack by a suicidal coworker intent on commandeering and crashing their aircraft. Although critically injured, Tucker rolled the aircraft upside-down to throw the attacker off balance and rallied the other pilots to fight back.

Listen in as Sean D. Tucker explains why “Luck Comes to the One Most Prepared ,”as he shares his passion for flight and his many incredible experiences. You will see exciting videos and hear unbelievable piloting stories from his more than 1,000 airshow performances and other aviation adventures.

The only place to hear these amazing stories up close and in person is at AOPA Aviation Summit, Nov. 11 through 13, in Long Beach, Calif., through our forums You won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity. See full forum schedule.— By AOPA Member Products staff

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