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Find low fuel prices through AOPA Airports

Pilots interested in searching for the lowest fuel prices in a given area may find them in AOPA Airports, the association’s new airport directory.

To do so, visit AOPA Airports and click on the Advanced Search link. Next, check the box for “Has fuel.” From this point, pilots may select an entire state for their search, or, for more refined results, enter a zip code, latitude and longitude, or airport identifier and search within a statute mile radius.

If a search yields no results or too few results, feel free to go back to the advanced search page to search again with expanded criteria. Assuming the search yields multiple results, a list of airports will appear after you click Go. Included in this list will be a column that displays fuel prices. The fuel prices column shows the lowest prices available at each airport for specific types of fuel. To determine which business is offering which fuel price, visit the airport page. Under the Business/Service Informationsection of the airport page, there is a grid that showcases fuel icons, with fuel prices for each business. To see further detail on fuel prices, including fuel brand and service type (self, full, etc.), visit the individual business’ Web page.

Fuel prices in AOPA Airports are provided by two sources— and directly from business managers. The addition of fuel prices from business managers was introduced with the launch of AOPA Airports. Pilots will notice more business-manager-submitted fuel prices in AOPA Airports in the coming months as the business listings are updated. Efforts are under way to invite managers of fuel-serving businesses to add fuel prices to AOPA Airports.

Questions, comments, and suggestions related to AOPA Airports, including fuel prices, may be directed to the AOPA Airports team by e-mail.

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