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‘The Aviators’ spreads joy of flight

The Aviators , a new show airing on PBS stations this fall that brings general aviation to a wider audience, is coming to AOPA Aviation Summit. Produced by FourPoints Television, The Aviators was developed, written, and presented by pilots—for pilots and nonpilots alike.

“Pilots always enjoy sharing their love of flying with everyone they meet,” said AOPA President Craig Fuller. “ The Aviators takes that individual passion and shares it with, potentially, hundreds of thousands of people at a time. So we’re helping spread the word about this exciting show by making the producers part of our AOPA Live programming and by giving attendees a chance to see a bit of the program for themselves. And we hope our members will share the information with their friends.”

The AOPA Live segment with The Aviators will stream live online at 10:35 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on Nov. 11.

In addition to visiting AOPA Aviation Summit in order to get the word out about their show, The Aviators’ producers will bring a crew to shoot video and interviews for an upcoming segment.

As the producers say, The Aviators is for everyone who has ever gazed skyward. It’s a weekly magazine-style series featuring interesting people, the latest aircraft, the coolest technology, and the best fly-in destinations.

It takes viewers behind the scenes to see how airline pilots train, how airplanes are built, and how air traffic control works. The Aviators will profile aviation businesses and showcase aviation products, and for pilots watching, will provide safety tips for private and recreational pilots and career tips for professional pilots.

The Aviators is airing this Fall on PBS stations across the United States. Check your local television listings for details. —AOPA Communications staff

AOPA Communications staff
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