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Blockparty (2)

Pilots rock Long Beach at block party

Pine Avenue block party

They were dancing in the street for the first ever block party at AOPA Aviation Summit. AOPA President Craig Fuller joined a rock and roll band on the stage set up in the middle of Long Beach's celebrated Pine Avenue to launch the aviation celebration.

AOPA President Craig Fuller welcomed party goers to the Pine Avenue Block Party.“Even if you are not here for our aviation event, we welcome you,” Fuller said, along with National Air Transportation Association President Jim Coyne. “Have a great time at our block party.”

How did party goers know it was an aviation event? Well, how often do you see an airplane at a street party? Icon Aircraft had its full-size wing-folding aircraft on the street in front of George's Greek Cafe—where George greeted everyone with a hearty "Opa!" and a kiss or hug ... if you wanted one or couldn't escape his grasp.

Attendees enjoyed the wonderful meals at restaurants along Pine Avenue, balloon sculptures depicting airplanes, and some magic from street artists—one turned dollar bills into $100 (but sadly turned them back).

—Julie Summers Walker

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