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Van’s Aircraft reaches 7,000 airplanes

Van’s Aircraft, maker of the RV series of kit-built aircraft, has surpassed 7,000 aircraft registered and flown, the Oregon-based company announced.

More than 500 RVs have been finished in each of the last two years.

“We’ve been averaging about 1.5 completions a day for the last four years,” said Ken Scott, a 21-year employee at the firm, which has just more than 60 U.S. workers. “We’re humbled by the loyalty of our customers. We’ve had more than 100 ‘repeat offenders’ who have built multiple aircraft, and they wouldn’t do that if they didn’t believe in the product.”

RV aircraft range from the single-seat RV-3 designed in the early 1970s to the four-seat RV-10 and the light sport RV-12. All RVs are metal, fixed-gear designs.

Van’s Aircraft has sold more than 20,000 kits, and its airplanes are flying in about 40 countries around the world.

Dave Hirschman
Dave Hirschman
AOPA Pilot Editor at Large
AOPA Pilot Editor at Large Dave Hirschman joined AOPA in 2008. He has an airline transport pilot certificate and instrument and multiengine flight instructor certificates. Dave flies vintage, historical, and Experimental airplanes and specializes in tailwheel and aerobatic instruction.

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