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US Aviation sees success with Chinese students


The professional pilot program at US Aviation in Denton, Texas, has graduated nearly 200 Chinese professional pilot students with a multiengine instrument rating, the school said.

The students also completed their airline transport pilot knowledge tests. Some have become first officers, some are in advanced training in China, and others are in primary training for Shenzhen Airlines, Beijing Capital Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Yangtze River Express, and Juneyao Airlines.

A few flight schools that had been training international students ran into financial difficulties this year, and some Chinese students were left in the United States without having completed their training. On two occasions, US Aviation took on some of these students, the company said.

“We have been very impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm of the young men and women coming here from China,” said Mike Sykes, president of US Aviation. “Their high level of motivation contributes to their success in an environment that’s very challenging for them and us. It’s quite amazing when you realize that so many of them had their first experience with flying on the trip over here. And though some of them don’t know how to drive a car, they go home within a year having the knowledge and skills to fly a Beech King Air.”

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