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Let’s Go Flying prize jump-starts training for pinch hitter

A prospective pilot has a jump start on learning to fly with a package of training tools from King Schools, thanks to her husband’s participation in a Let’s Go Flying newsletter reader survey.

Kristy Loman Chiodo and her husband Sam Chiodo can call aviation another thing that brings them together, both inside and out of the cockpit. Chiodo, a private pilot with instrument rating, saw an e-mail asking him to take a short survey about AOPA’s Let's Go Flying newsletter. After completing the survey, he entered into a drawing to win a King Schools “Best Buy” Combo Flight Course Package.

A few weeks later, Chiodo received a phone call from AOPA, saying that he'd won the package. Because he had already completed his training, he asked if he could give the prize to his wife who would make good use of it when she started flight training. The package from King Schools included a knowledge test course, practical test course, and four additional special subject courses.

In October 2009, the two bought into a Mooney partnership, housed at Zephyrhills Municipal Airport. Both names are on the paperwork, and Loman Chiodo vowed that she wouldn’t own a vehicle she didn’t know how to operate. She is currently finishing her dissertation for a Ph.D. in science education and plans to tackle flight training afterward. She remarked that flight training is the dangling carrot that motivates her to finish her dissertation.

Anyone who dreams about flying may sign up for the free Let’s Go Flying electronic newsletter online.

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