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Stratos jet undergoes wind tunnel testsStratos jet undergoes wind tunnel tests

A one-fifth-scale model of Stratos Aircraft’s Stratos 714 very light jet has just completed five days of testing in the University of Washington’s Kirsten Wind Tunnel, the company reports. The aluminum model went through 90 test runs designed to evaluate the flow over the airplane’s fuselage, wings, and vertical tail.

Data is still being analyzed, but early results “verified” the Stratos Jet’s scalloped forward fuselage, Stratos Aircraft said. All flight attitudes were studied, including high yaw angles where, under strong simulated crosswinds, airflows into the downwind inlet remained “remarkably clean,” Stratos said. The wing-body fairing was enhanced during the testing, prompting the company to state that this area will need further computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and additional wind tunnel work.

A video of the wind tunnel test can be seen on YouTube.

Two flying prototypes of the Stratos 714 should be ready within the next two years, Stratos Aircraft says. In the meantime, a $10,000 deposit will hold you a delivery position. Performance targets for the airplane include a max cruise speed of 415 knots, a 7,213-pound max takeoff weight, and a 1,602-nautical-mile range with four passengers.

Thomas A. Horne

Thomas A. Horne

AOPA Pilot Editor at Large
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