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Fly more, spend less: Partner at AirVentureFly more, spend less: Partner at AirVenture

AOPA Aircraft Partnership Program - Fly more, spend less

If you don’t think you can afford to own an aircraft, think again. Check out the Aircraft Partnership Program at AOPA’s tent (Booth 195, west of Hangar C) at EAA AirVenture.

Using a secure database management system, the AOPA Aircraft Partnership Program helps pilots and aircraft owners identify, match, and connect with other pilots interested in reducing the cost of aircraft acquisition and ownership.

The process is simple. Pilots can create a free confidential “Partner Profile” to help determine their compatibility with potential co-owners. To sell shares of an aircraft, memberships in a flying club, or cooperative or fractional ownership opportunities, AOPA members can create a “Share for Sale” listing for only $10 a month ($20 per month for non-AOPA members).

Aircraft partnerships can help you get that next avionics upgrade; get a bigger, faster aircraft; or simply make you an aircraft owner for a whole lot less than you expect. If you’ve always had questions about partnerships, be sure to stop by the AOPA tent at AirVenture and learn how to reduce the cost of aircraft ownership.

AOPA Member Products staff

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