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Turbine Pilot: Special editionsTurbine Pilot: Special editions

What's so different about these pages?What's so different about these pages?

Welcome to the third monthly issue of our AOPA Pilot Turbine Pilot Special Editions. Throughout 2010 we sent you Turbine Pilot Special Editions on a quarterly basis.

Tom HainesWelcome to the third monthly issue of our AOPA Pilot Turbine Pilot Special Editions. Throughout 2010 we sent you Turbine Pilot Special Editions on a quarterly basis. The response was so strong that we have decided to send these special editions monthly to members with an interest in reading about higher-performance aircraft, such as owner-flown turbines. These special editions are sent to only about 70,000 AOPA members. The special editions include between 16 to 24 additional pages, a different cover, and different table of contents than the standard issues received by the balance of AOPA members.

In these additional pages, we will continue to write about the systems, techniques, safety, and training topics that make operating turbine aircraft different than flying piston-powered aircraft. We will also include information on justifying business aircraft purchases, dealing with tax issues for business flights, and ways to use turbine aircraft for public good. Some who receive these special editions are already operating turbine aircraft, and we hope we can provide you with information helpful in your day-to-day flying. Others who receive these special editions own and operate high-performance piston aircraft. Many such pilots have an interest in reading about airplanes that are the next step up the aeronautical ladder. However, if you would rather not receive these special editions, just let us know at [email protected] and we will be glad to send the standard editions instead. Remember, though, that the special editions contain everything in the standard issues plus this extra content. You are not missing any content when you receive the special editions.

March 2011 AOPA Pilot Turbine Edition

So why send additional content only to some AOPA members? Two reasons: One, member service. Members who own and operate turbine aircraft don’t have many other good sources of editorial information, and we believe we can be helpful to them. However, many members who fly only light GA airplanes have told us they are not interested in reading about turbine aircraft, so this gives us a means to serve one member segment without detracting from another. Second reason: Cost. The advertising unique to the special editions more than covers the cost of creating and printing the additional content for 70,000 copies—providing much-needed funds to support the work AOPA is doing on behalf of every member. However, sending the additional pages to all of the 370,000 members who get AOPA Pilot would be cost prohibitive. Again, it allows us to serve this member segment without putting a financial strain on members who don’t care for such content.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think of these Turbine Pilot Special Editions. Contact us at [email protected]. —Tom Haines, Editor in Chief

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