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AOPA Airports debuts destinations searchAOPA Airports debuts destinations search

Search destinations, events, and attractions near airports on the advanced search page of AOPA Airports thanks to a new search widget powered by OneTankFlights. The widget will persist for about six months as part of a trial arrangement.

“We believe our platform has the ability to help reverse the trend of a declining pilot community by allowing pilots to connect and share their favorite destinations in a user-friendly way,” said OneTankFlights Co-founder Kevin Daugherty. “By providing pilots with reasons to fly we can encourage more flights and strengthen the aviation community.”

OneTankFlights launched in January 2010 and has several thousand users. The platform consists of a free, basic version and a paid, premium version with added features such as an events calendar with an interactive map as well as a “News Feed” that shows new favorite destinations and upcoming events, all filtered based on user preferences. Free trials of the premium version are available via the OneTankFlights website.

The widget appearing within AOPA Airports allows pilots to select an airport and quickly view destinations and events within 150 miles. The “reasons to fly” are moderated, pilot-suggested destinations and are categorized into popular groups such as events, outdoor activities, factory tours, sightseeing, and the all-important $100 hamburger. OneTankFlights also includes FAA Safety Team seminars and AOPA calendar events, which are routinely updated. Destinations are displayed as pins on a map in addition to a text list format, allowing pilots a quick visual of the proximity of each listing to the airport.

In addition to finding new and interesting places to fly, AOPA members can contribute information about their favorite events and destinations by clicking the “Add a new Destination, Fly-In, or Event” link.

AOPA wants to know what you think of the destinations search widget in AOPA Airports. Share your opinion by calling 800/USA-AOPA or by email.

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