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Logbook appsLogbook apps

We have quite the active group over at the AOPA Flying Club Network Facebook group. Member Andrew Christie asked for logbook recommendations, so this week I look at five suggestions from the group. These are not endorsements of any app.

  1. LogTen Pro Pilot, iPhone and iPad ($29.99 to $79.99): Users can enter flight data; track currency, duty, rest, certificates, and endorsements; and create reports. One user called it pricey, but said it pays for itself in the time you save when you need to figure out anything from currency to filling out an 8710 form. It also allows users to sync flight data between devices easily.
  2. Pilot Pro ($39.99): This app, which works on the iPhone and iPad, offers what it calls a rich logbook experience by offering users a summary of flight times that can be analyzed with an interactive graph. And a nice feature is that the app can be linked to a Dropbox account, which allows data to stay in sync over the air and creates a continuous back-up of the logbook.
  3. MyFlightbook (free): This online logbook uses the GPS on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to log the telemetry for upload after you close out your flight. It can then be viewed on a Google Maps overlay through the Web page or downloaded in various formats, including CSV and KML files. It also handles statistics, currency tracking, and social media sharing.
  4. Zululog (free): This app, also available on Google Play , handles data analysis and charting, data import, pilot currency, previous flight times, and custom fields. It also offers a student/instructor link.
  5. Safelog Pilot Logbook ($39.99): This app is chockablock full of features, including flight logging; FAA currency tracking; data on thousands of built-in aircraft types; a live updated database of more than 70,000 airports; exportable data; customizable fields; and the ability to store flight photos, journals, comments, and notes. The app is available on Google Play .

If you have any iPad/iPhone/Android apps you think I should review in the upcoming months, please pass them along to me here. I want to give a big thank-you to those who send in suggestions. Please keep them coming—they are greatly appreciated!

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