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Top 10 hits from 2012Top 10 hits from 2012

Emergency situations, accidents, and cutting-edge aircraft made headlines in 2012 and captivated pilots’ attention. Here’s a look back at the top 10 most-read articles from in 2012. If you missed one of the articles the first time, take time to read them. You’ll learn from pilots who survived ditching at sea, forced landings, and other emergency situations. Plus, see what new aircraft and technology emerged this year. Even if you have read them, you’ll be sure to find new information that you can apply to your everyday flying to become a better, safer pilot.

Things you never want to see in D.C.

YouTube accident pilot: ‘I was going to abort’

Cessna unveils turbodiesel 182

Velocity’s V-Twin

Stricken P-51 lands with help from a legend: Bob Hoover

iPad 101: 5 Tips for the novice

'You just saved my life': ATC aids pilots in a pinch

NTSB faults Roush for 2010 Oshkosh crash

Power loss over rough seas

New take on ‘X’ plane wins NASA grant

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