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Visual Approach

Lost Star

AOPA photographer Mike Fizer relates his take on photographing the story of Cessna's first production 182 at its home in Kalispell, Montana.
Original Cessna 182

“It’s not often all of the components of an assignment come together as wonderfully as the story of Cessna’s first production 182 at its home in Kalispell, Montana (“Cessna 182: Mr. Popular,” November 2008). There was John Casalengo’s painstaking restoration of this historic aircraft, the pristine mountains of Glacier National Park, perfect weather, and Barry Schiff’s usual smooth formation flying. Seated in the back of Ray Thompson’s T–6, I listened to the rumble from the old radial as I watched the polished finish of Casalengo’s pride and joy reflect the passing landscape through my viewfinder and realized—it just doesn’t get any better than this.” —Mike Fizer

Subject: Cessna 182

Where: Kalispell, Montana

Photographer: Mike Fizer

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