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The digital option—print, digital, or both

A single FBO offers all this: aerial tours of the Grand Canyon; a chance to shoot down an aerial foe in mock combat using world-class Extra 330LT aerobatic aircraft; a flight school; and aircraft maintenance. View the video for more excitement than a casino.

Another Day, Another Island

Author Dave Hirschman and Photographer Chris Rose have spent the last month trying to convince other office-bound staffers that their assignment in the Bahamas wasn’t all sand, sea, and sunshine. Take a look at Warren Morningstar's video and Rose's slideshow and see for yourself the fruits of their labor (pineapple, star fruit, piña colada). February in Maryland? Or is it better in the Bahamas? With GA, you can get there from here.


Easy Flyer

Pop a big grin on your face and fly along with Editor at Large Tom Horne as he has a whale of a good time in the happy little Ercoupe, a budget buy for those without any pretensions, in this online video.

LSA Expo

LSA Turnaround

The skies were clear and the mood was bright at the eighth annual LSA Expo in Florida. Watch the video of an interview with Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) President Dan Johnson.


Things You Don't Want to See in DC

Purposely putting yourself in harm’s way sounds like a very bad idea, but for Senior Editor Dave Hirschman it’s all in the line of duty. Join him in this online video as he meets up with some things in the sky you don’t want to see from your cockpit.


And there's more…

In cooperation with Goodyear Aviation, we’ve produced some instructional videos for taking care of your aviation tires, plus listen as pilot Mike Trapp describes his ordeal after ditching in Lake Huron, and take a ride in a MiG–29.

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