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New learning experiences offered at AOPA Aviation Summit

With new experiential and interactive learning at AOPA Aviation Summit, you’ll connect with experts and gain new tools that will help you retain and recall critical information when you need it the most.

This Oct. 11 through 13, AOPA is bringing more than 100 hours of education to Palm Springs, Calif.; a schedule is now available online. Pilots will learn practical skills:

  • How to maximize the use of iPads in the cockpit. Hands-on learning sessions with iPads will be tailored to the novice user as well as advanced.
  • How to navigate busy airspace, with the best tips for talking to ATC. AOPA puts you in touch with controllers through interactive sessions on real-life situations.
  • How to be better prepared by using approach charts, the best weather charts, and risk management, and how better to handle in-flight emergencies.
  • How to save money by performing your own aircraft maintenance. Also learn which aircraft might be the best for you if you are considering buying for the first time. These workshops will give you all the information you need to determine cost-effective solutions to your issues.

Meet in small groups

This year AOPA is offering roundtable discussions with health and medical experts where you can discuss how to keep or get your medical and preventive health tips. Pilots can also meet with several exhibitors in our Product Showcase area to learn more about new products and services in a more intimate setting.

Learn from peers

There is a special new community area in 2012 where pilots can share experiences and learn from one another. This community area will also feature inspirational stories and travel and adventure flying. Pilots will even get to vote for topics they want to have covered!

Check out the latest tools and technology

From the “Top 10 Technology Changes You’ll Face in the Next 10 Years” to iPad apps, the Learning Pavilion in the Exhibit Hall allows you to get fast updates on items critical to your flying.

Take part in these engaging educational sessions and leave Summit a safer, confident, more informed pilot. Check out the education schedule today.

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