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Parade of Planes kicks off Summit 2012Parade of Planes kicks off Summit 2012

  • Image 1

    A spectator snaps a picture of a GippsAero GA8 Airvan.

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    A pair of Kitfoxes make their way down Alejo Road in downtown Palm Springs.

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    Mountains offer a dramatic backdrop for the procession of aircraft to the Palm Springs Convention Center.

  • Image 3

    The roar of turboprops mixed with propeller hums and jet whines in the Parade of Planes.

  • Image 4

    No, it's not lost. An airplane draws plenty of stares taxiing down a city street, even if it is one of dozens.

  • Image 5

    A future pilot enjoys the show.

  • Image 6

    Wacos, Wacos, and more Wacos. The brightly colored biplanes were well represented at the parade.

  • Image 7

    What parade of airplane is complete without that trusty warbird, the T-6?

  • Image 8

    A Waco and palm trees: A sight for sore eyes.

  • Image 9

    AOPA staff helped marshal traffic along the parade route.

  • Image 10

    This Cessna 182 on floats stands head and shoulders above the rest.

  • Image 11

    The final airplane in the parade Oct. 10 commanded attention.

  • Image 12

    Picking out what to fly someday?

  • Image 13

    Normally most comfortable on grass strips, this American Champion Scout fits in quite well at the grandstand, too.

  • Image 14

    Safety first!

  • Image 15

    The Phenom 100 has an impressive ramp … er, street … presence.

  • Image 16

    Once the airplanes shut down outside the Palm Springs Convention Center, attendees could get an up-close look.

  • Image 17

    You can't start a parade without a marching band.

  • Image 18

    AOPA's sweepstakes Tougher Than a Tornado Husky kicked off the parade.

  • Image 19

    Maybe you wouldn't mind traffic if you got to see this on your morning commute.

Taking to the streets

Was that an airplane that just taxied past your window? Residents of Palm Springs, Calif., were treated to an unusual sight Oct. 10: a series of airplanes traveling under their own power from Palm Springs International Airport to the convention center for AOPA Aviation Summit.

From the grass-strip-ready 2012 Tougher Than A Tornado Sweepstakes Husky to the sleek Phenom 100, the assortment of aircraft strutting down the city streets in the Parade of Planes turned heads.

Some familiar airframes made appearances: The Tornado Husky led the procession, and a few of AOPA’s former sweepstakes airplanes took their place among the nearly 80 aircraft taxiing along the route from the airport to the convention center. Astute plane spotters picked out the Win-a-Twin Sweepstakes Twin Comanche or the Commander Countdown Sweepstakes Commander from the sidewalk or while viewing the live stream on AOPA Live.

Attendees and online viewers documented the experience on online media: Experience their reactions on Storify.

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