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Visual Approach

Lost Star

AOPA photographer Mike Fizer reminisces about photographing aerobatic star Greg Poe.
Lost Star

“The aviation community lost one of its stars in 2011 with the untimely death of Greg Poe. Not only was Greg one of the finer aerobatic pilots on the circuit, but his work in the community outside of the cockpit garnered much respect. I first met Greg in 1996, working with Senior Editor Al Marsh on a story for AOPA Pilot on the Pitts S–2B. At the time, Greg was wrapping up his employment with Aviat and moving on to start Greg Poe Airshows. That assignment grew into further work photographing Greg flying his Pitts and later his Edge 540. Two of those occassions landed us in Ilopango, El Salvador, where a bevy of American performers were plying thier skills for the Club Salvadoreno de Aviacion Civil y Reserva. We flew several photo missions around the volcanic countryside, but it was this inside turn looking down on the Pacific’s blue water that captured the dynamics and grace of what Greg did so well.” —Mike Fizer

Subject: Greg Poe, Edge 540

Where: Ilopango, El Salvador

Photographer: Mike Fizer

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