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AV8RS: New teen membership tops 950

Flying pigs, solar airplane in first newsletter

What’s it like to look down from the middle of a barrel roll and see eight other airplanes trailing smoke in the world’s largest airshow team? How does one airplane fly through the night on solar energy?

The first issue of AOPA’s AV8RS e-newsletter, geared toward teens ages 13 to 18, offers answers. The new AV8RS program, which offers free youth memberships to teens, has grown to nearly 1,000 members. Want to share your passion for aviation with a teen? Encourage someone you know to become an AOPA AV8R. Teens can sign up here.

Young people are the future of aviation, and so AOPA launched the AV8RS membership in July as part of its mission to advance the pilot community. The free membership includes an official AOPA AV8RS member card; opportunities to connect with other AOPA AV8RS through dedicated online communities including Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and YouTube; access to an AOPA AV8RS blog written by teens for teens; a free digital subscription to Flight Training magazine; access to the members-only content on; support through the Pilot Information Center toll-free helpline (800/872-2672); chances to win flight training scholarships; and more.

The membership also includes the AOPA AV8RS e-newsletter with inspirational stories, relevant news and events, opportunities to test their knowledge, and more. The inaugural issue offers such stories as “Pigs really can fly ... at least in Flugtag,” “16-year-old ties in nation to be youngest pilot to solo in helicopter,” and “NASA's Curiosity lands on Red Planet.” If you know a teen who might be interested, forward the link and introduce that person to the exciting world of flying.

Although free to teens, AOPA AV8RS is supported through member contributions and other donations. To make a contribution, please visit

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