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Grantsville, Md., VOR/DME proposed for shutdownGrantsville, Md., VOR/DME proposed for shutdown

The FAA has proposed to decommission the Grantsville VOR/DME located in Grantsville, Md., which would impact a number of instrument approaches in the area ( See the list.).

Members are encouraged to submit comments to the FAA on the impact of this proposal on their flight operations as provided below. The navaid was identified for decommissioning, the FAA said, because “the construction of a planned wind farm that would include 24 wind turbines located within 1.5 to 3.5 miles of the GRV VOR. These wind turbines have been determined to constitute a hazard and are projected to cause significant impact to the radiated signal of the VOR.” The FAA said that while dopplerization could mitigate the impact, the agency’s policy requires that decommissioning must be evaluated for all VOR facilities prior to upgrading or performing major repairs.

Pilots may submit comments to the FAA on the decommissioning proposal by April 18 in writing. For details of the proposal and directions for submitting comments, download the FAA’s notice.

Please also share your comments with AOPA.

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