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Developers pitch five aviation appsDevelopers pitch five aviation apps

When this column first started back in October 2012, among the first to start submitting apps for coverage were developers who were targeting the aviation market. This week, we take a look at five apps submitted by these developers. These are not endorsements of any app.

POH Performance (a free web-based app): This free Web app was designed as an open-source platform for computing aircraft-performance-related numbers for flight planning for two types: the Socata TBM850 and the Cessna 172S. The app runs on the following browsers: Apple/Safari/iOS, Android/Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9+. The app covers items including trips, weight and balance, and instrument procedures.

Flight Weather ($1.99 in iTunes): Developer Ryan Cabell calls this a simple, easy-to-use, map-based iPhone/iPad app for finding current METAR and TAF reports from airports and other weather reporting sites. Users can search by FAA or International Civil Aviation Organization airport codes.

Pilot In Command ($16.17 in iTunes): Scott Nyholm, a Dash 8 captain based in Brisbane, Australia, created this iPhone/iPad app as a personal error management system for pilots. Although it can be used by pilots at any level, it probably lends itself more to student and private pilots. It is designed it to allow pilots to capture their errors, and then the app provides quality information about the areas you should target to improve your flying. The inputs are designed to guide the user, and the graphs and exports are clear and colorful. The app has a summary page which allows you to see key statistics and trending information. Even before consulting the graphs for in-depth information, you can get a quick overview of your performance.

Radio Navigation Simulator Pro ($8.99 in iTunes): This app is a full-featured radio navigation training simulator for the iPad and the iPhone. It includes instrument panels with horizontal situation indicator and radio magnetic indicator (dual needle) instruments, in addition to all the more basic panels of RNS Student. The app offers a precision 2-D flight simulator and training aid that allows pilots and students to practice, understand, and become proficient in the use and management of VOR, DME, and ADF/RMI instruments, displayed with an HSI or directional gyro on a choice of five realistic flight panels.

PilotWorkshop (free in iTunes): This iPhone/iPad app offers 20 free training videos and audios from the company’s team of nationally recognized flight instructors. Topics include single-pilot IFR; ATC communications; aviation weather; emergencies; and airmanship. Other videos are available at $2.99 each or $149.99 for the entire library.

This week I had no Google Play apps to highlight. If you know a developer who is creating apps on this platform, please put them in touch with me here. And if you have Google Play apps you want to share on my topics including charts and maps, flight training, weather, checklists, fuel, weight and balance, log books, FBO/services, flight planning, and maintenance, please share them with me. You can see the complete list of apps I’ve already reviewed here.

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