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Five apps that ease flight planningFive apps that ease flight planning

We last covered flight planning apps on April 16. But members continue to send in recommendations that they say help make all aspects of the planning process easier. These are not endorsements of any app.

QRouting ($9.62 in Google Play)—This smartphone app offers planning tools including weight & balance, fuel management, operational flight plan, moving maps, and the ability to download notam and weather information including METARs and TAFs along routes.

ARINC Direct (free in iTunes for ARINC Direct customers)—ARINC Direct customers can use this free iPad app to access a toll that provides up-to-the-minute access to flight plans, weather, packages, and airport charts. Users can access trips by city pair, tail number, and departure date;recompute a flight plan; and view runway analysis, SMS, and APIS PDFs for relevant trips.

Flight Gear Free (free in Google Play, but $4.99 after three uses)—Features on this smartphone app include a weight-and-balance calculator, the ability to record ATC conversations, a crosswind calculator, a fuel timer, and a flight timer.

CoPilot - Aviation Flight Planning ($19.99 in iTunes)—A member could not say enough about this iPhone/iPad app that “takes planning to a new level.” The app is especially helpful for those planning and flying multi-leg flights, which can be linked together.  It adjusts waypoints, recalculates fuel and times, does weight and balance, and calculates crosswinds and true airspeed.

FlightPlan - Pilot's Toolbox ($2.99 in iTunes, $1.99 in Google Play)—This smartphone/tablet app takes over many functions of the old E6B slide rule computer. It also offers weight and balance calculators for aircraft and helicopters, live METARs and TAFs, airport data, a flex weight calculator, a windstar calculator, and more.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in Google Play apps. I received a request to add Windows apps to the mix. I’d be happy to do it, but I need readers to send them here. I’m also looking for apps covering charts, FBOs and services, instrument simulators, and radar. You can see a complete list of the apps I’ve highlighted here.

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