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Could apps lower your fuel bill?Could apps lower your fuel bill?

I last reviewed fuel apps on April 2. With the price of fuel continuing to rise, pilots need all the help they can get in managing their fuel costs. These five apps claim they can help. These are not endorsements of any app.

njFuelCalc ($0.99 in iTunes and free Google Play)—This smartphone app allows pilots to calculate what fuel they need based on fuel on-board and fuel required in pounds of Jet A.

Aviation Fuel Burn Calculator ($0.99 in Google Play)—Users of this smartphone app gives users two different ways to calculate the fuel burn rate: fuel in tank before takeoff, time in flight, and fuel in tank after landing; and total fuel capacity, fuel in tank before takeoff, time in flight, and fuel added after landing.

Fuel Flite (free in iTunes)—This iPad/iPhone app uses an algorithm to recommend the most cost-effective location and amount of fuel to load. Enter specifications for an aircraft and trip details, and the app takes it from there. Users can save two aircraft profiles, and upload up to three airports and two flight legs in a calculation.

iFuel ($39.99 in iTunes)—This app claims to take out the guesswork of tinkering options and save thousands of dollars. It does this by looking at items including fuel prices at every destination, the burn rate for specific aircraft, and landing fees. The app shows calculations including fuel and ramp fees at up to three airports, trip fuel costs, and burn rate.

Aviation Fuel Converter Lite (free in iTunes)—Users of this iPad/iPhone app are able to quickly and accurately convert Jet A or 100LL fuel from U.S. gallons, pounds, liters, or kilograms and display the amount of fuel to add in U.S. gallons, pounds, liters, and kilograms. The free version includes banner ads; the paid version costs $0.99.

I’m currently looking for your picks for the following app categories: charts and maps, instrument simulators, and radar. Please send them here.  I appreciate all the Google Play recommendations, so  keep them coming! The complete list of apps I’ve highlighted since October 2012 is in AOPA’s online archive

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