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December 6, 2013, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletterDecember 6, 2013, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletter

Lockheed 12A

DECEMBER 6, 2013 - VOL 15, ISSUE 49

Top Stories


Shell reveals unleaded avgas

Shell announced Dec. 3 the development of an unleaded aviation fuel that will be submitted for certification, the first unleaded aviation gasoline produced by a major multinational petroleum company. The lead-free formulation, a product of 10 years of research, has been tested successfully to date in a limited number of general aviation powerplants, and is intended to be a fleetwide replacement for avgas. Read more... Share:  


AOPA Live This Week

Unleaded avgas, hover like a hawk

Shell Aviation has developed a lead-free aviation fuel that is intended to be used across the general aviation fleet. When might it arrive? Also, hawks can teach us a thing or two about slow flight, and Dr. Jonathan Sackier covers the flu—and how to avoid it—in this week's "Fly Well" segment. AOPA Live This Week®, Dec. 5... Share:  

Technique and Safety


Fly like a fighter

Radio silence

Your mission: Fly with eight F-15s to the Philippines, rejoin, refuel with air tankers, engage an unknown number of Red Air fighters, refuel again, and then return to Okinawa. And fly with radio silence up to the first contact with the Red Air fighters. Read more... Share:  



What's the weather window?

The slower-than-expected movement of the weather system was a good break today, but what does it mean for tomorrow's return trip toward the weather? Read more... Share:  



'Hold your position, just stop!'

On Dec. 6, 1999, UA 1448 made one wrong turn while taxiing in severely reduced visibility. It became the first link in a chain of mistaken assumptions by its crew and the tower controller. View this animation of the eerie events that took place that dark, foggy night at Rhode Island's Theodore Francis Green State Airport to learn how runway incursions happen in just seconds, whether a single miscalculation or a host of slipups converging at the wrong time. Watch the video... Share:  


Accident analysis

Nothing is routine

Buzzing around the pattern becomes an easy default for satisfying the urge to fly, and it's easy to forget that the majority of accidents during personal flights happen while taking off or trying to land. If a pilot isn't alive to explain what happened after the accident, it may be impossible to figure out why. Read more in this special report from the Air Safety Institute... Share:  


Rotorcraft Rookie

The crazy takeoff

Helicopter training is generally very safe. So why do run-on takeoffs and landings feel so wrong? Read more... Share:  



'Weather Wise: VFR into IMC' now mobile

It's a moderately common problem, averaging more than 20 fatal accidents per year. Epidemic? No, but particularly deadly. The Air Safety Institute's Weather Wise: VFR into IMC online course prepares pilots for anticipating poor weather conditions, understanding common weather scenarios that can trap unsuspecting pilots in instrument meteorological conditions, and more—and it runs on mobile devices. Read more... Share:  



Wagstaff offers tips on aerobatics

Join Patty Wagstaff, six-time member of the U.S. Aerobatic Team, and AOPA Pilot Senior Editor Dave Hirschman for a discussion of aerobatic flying in an AOPA Stay Smart Webinar Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. Eastern time. They will share their experiences, describe a few aerobatic maneuvers, talk about aerobatic training, and give tips on how to get started. Register here... Share:  




Senators demand answers from DHS, CBP

After waiting more than a month for answers to their questions about unwarranted stops and searches of general aviation aircraft, senators are demanding a written response from the Department of Homeland Security. Read more... Share:  



Bill to stop new sleep apnea policy moves forward

A House bill that would force the FAA to go through the rulemaking process before imposing any policies related to sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea, has passed the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Read more... Share:  



House passes bill giving GA input on TSA plans

The House has passed a bill requiring the TSA to consult stakeholders, including general aviation representatives, before making major changes to security policy. Read more... Share:  



Pilot magazine

Fly Well: Fifty ways to lose your blubber

Weird Al Yankovic parodied two Michael Jackson songs: "Beat It" became "Eat It," celebrating copious consumption, while "Bad" morphed into "Fat," mirroring what is happening in America—our mutation into a fat nation. Dr. Jonathan Sackier sounds off on why pilots should stop wasting 100LL on their weight. Read more... Share:  



Top 10 medical gotchas pilots need to know

Join Dr. Jonathan Sackier, Dr. Warren Silberman, and AOPA Director of Medical Certification Gary Crump for a discussion of the 10 most common reasons pilots run into issues with their medical certificate in an AOPA Stay Smart Webinar Dec. 19 at 8 p.m. Eastern time. Attendance is limited to participants in AOPA's Pilot Protection Services Program. Register here... Share:  




A doctor always on board

NetJets has added a new safety feature to its long-range fleet: a doctor who is always in. People with little or no medical training can use a device that transmits vital signs and other medical data to a remote doctor. It has proved to be a valuable addition to airline and corporate jet cabins in recent years. Read more... Share:  



Flying motorcycle for Christmas?

Here's something no one on your holiday gift list will have: the PAL-V Helicycle. Hammacher Schlemmer's Christmas catalog offers the $300,000 roadable gyrocopter. Read more... Share:  


FreeFlight's free ADS-B University

Waco, Texas-based FreeFlight Systems is now offering ADS-B University, an online series of seven video briefings. The videos give pilots, aircraft owners, fleet operators, aviation professionals, and others a practical understanding of how Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) works and the equipment needed to operate in the NextGen airspace system. The short videos discuss ADS-B technologies, requirements, applications, and benefits in 5 minutes or less. The entire series can be viewed in less than 30 minutes.




Expectation bias

Hours of straight-and-level flight can breed complacency, or "expectation bias." Opinion Leaders blogger Ron Rapp suspects that may have played a role in landing a Boeing 747 Dreamlifter at the wrong airport. Read more... Share:  




Try five aviation apps submitted by developers

Apps that do everything from serving as an E6B calculator to tracking pilot errors are among those submitted by developers. Read more... Share:  



Treats for the aviator dog

When a spouse rolls his or her eyes at the notion of another flight around the patch, here's a reward for your most adoring—and least judgmental—substitute passenger. Read more... Share:  


Holiday gift guide

Holiday gifts for pilots

Find the perfect holiday gift for pilots—choose from headsets, build-your-own flight bags, and stunning aviation posters or framed prints. Check out the AOPA holiday gift guide.




Answers for Pilots: Charitable flying

Thought about participating in a charitable flying event? Many nonprofit groups host a day at the airport in which volunteer pilots can give flights to eager fledglings. Check with your local airport about what may be scheduled for 2014. Read more... Share:  



Members only

Compensation: The FAA knows it when they see it

The difference between a private pilot flight operation and a commercial pilot flight operation depends on whether there has been any compensation exchanged for the flight. If money passes from the passengers or the person responsible for the cargo on board, that would be considered compensation. But, could compensation mean more than money? You bet. Read more... Share:  


Aircraft Maintenance

Stay ahead of your spark plugs

Aircraft spark plugs rarely get much attention between annual inspections, though a lot can happen in a year. A bad spark plug can do a lot of damage to your engine and your wallet. Read more... Share:  



AV8RS scholarships offered

Youths ages 13 through 18 who are members of the AOPA AV8RS program can now apply for scholarships to help them achieve their aviation dreams. Read more... Share:  


AOPA Foundation focus

Pilot issues fundraising challenge

The AOPA Foundation is participating in a new matching challenge grant created by Bennett Dorrance, a pilot, philanthropist, and longtime AOPA supporter. The money raised in the challenge will help the AOPA Foundation continue to fund programs including the Air Safety Institute, growing the pilot population, and supporting the work being done by nonprofit general aviation organizations. Donations are tax-deductible, so please click here to help the foundation meet the challenge.


AOPA Foundation focus

Hat in the Ring Society gets matching gift challenge

The AOPA Foundation hopes to raise $50,000 through a matching gift challenge grant from longtime donor and board of visitors member Scott Schneider. If the foundation's Hat in the Ring Society raises $50,000, Schneider will match up to $50,000. To receive the full benefit, the foundation needs to recruit new Hat in the Ring members by Dec. 31. Every new Hat in the Ring member's tax-deductible $1,000 gift will be worth double, up to the match. Quarterly payment options are available. Questions? Email Justin Biassou or call 301/695-2268.

News and Notes



Red Bull race tickets on sale

Pilots are training, racing airplanes are being tuned, and tickets are now on sale for the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championship series that is slated to return after a three-year hiatus with two U.S. stops. Read more... Share:  



Candler Field club targets youths

The Candler Field Flying Club was founded on the basis of teaching the next generation of general aviation pilots, especially younger ones. Read more... Share:  



Vacant hangars, new owners

The new owners of a privately owned, public-use airport in an enviable New Jersey location have big plans and vacant hangars. Read more... Share:  



SocialFlight integrates social media

Facebook and Twitter have been integrated into the SocialFlight app, allowing users to publish events directly on their timelines. Read more... Share:  


Member benefits

Pilot mentored by her flight instructor, AOPA

From growing up without any particular interest in aviation to being hooked on flying, Nina Ortega says she couldn't have done it without her flight instructor or AOPA. Read more... Share:  



Main rotor rotation

In most cases the direction of rotation of a helicopter's main rotor can be associated with the country of origin. There's no difference from an aerodynamic efficiency standpoint, but the experience is different for the pilot. Read more... Share:  

Career Opportunities


Aviation job board

Job of the week: Honda Aircraft senior communications specialist

Honda Aircraft Co., producer of the HondaJet advanced light jet, is seeking a senior corporate communications specialist to join the team. This position is responsible for overseeing development and execution of marketing communications functions including the website, marketing collateral, visual communications, and advertising; effectively supporting strategic sales efforts and global branding initiatives; contributing to development and execution of the company's overall corporate communications and marketing plan; and spearheading the development and implementation of consistent, high quality, structured marketing communications vehicles. This job of the week is brought to you by the AOPA Aviation Job Board. Learn more about this and other exciting career opportunities...

Question of the Week


Under which weather conditions will a weather briefer tell a pilot "VFR flight not recommended"?


When visibility and sky conditions for the proposed flight would, in the briefer's judgment, make flight under VFR doubtful, the briefer may say "VFR flight not recommended." The statement is advisory in nature, so after receiving that recommendation the pilot is still free to make the appropriate "go or no go" decision. (Source: AIM 7-1-4)

Got a question for our aviation services staff? The AOPA Pilot Information Center is a service available to all members as part of the annual dues. Contact AOPA.



Restarting an engine in flight

What is the correct way to restart an engine in flight? Read more...


Education and Seminars

Flight Instructor Refresher Courses

Dec 7-8 - Denver, Colo.; Orlando, Fla.; and Northbrook, Ill.

Jan 4-5 - Ypsilanti, Mich.; Portland, Ore.; San Jose, Calif.; and San Antonio, Texas

Jan 11-12 - Knoxville, Tenn.; Jackson, Miss.; Seattle, Wash.; and Charlotte, N.C.

Jan 24-25 - Baltimore, Md., and Long Beach, Calif.

For a complete schedule, see AOPA Online. Can't make it in person? Sign up for the Air Safety Institute's new Online eFIRC.

Air Safety Institute Safety Seminars

Jan 13 - Mesa, Ariz.; and Reno, Nev.

Jan 14 -Tucson, Ariz.; and Sacramento, Calif.

Jan 15 - Milpitas, Calif.; and El Paso, Texas

Jan 16 - Albuquerque, N.M.; and Santa Rosa, Calif.

Topics vary—for details and a complete schedule, see AOPA Online.


Picture Perfect

AOPA's online photo gallery allows you to upload your own aviation photography as well as view, rate, and comment on others' photos. Take a look, and submit your own photos!

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