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Aircraft buyers beware phishing scamAircraft buyers beware phishing scam

Cyber criminals using AOPA nameCyber criminals using AOPA name

AOPA has been notified of several incidences in which an alleged aircraft seller claims the sale and transaction of an aircraft will occur through an “AOPA Escrow Service.”  This is a phishing scam that appears to be originating out of the U.K. where the cyber criminals are naming “AOPA Escrow Service” in an attempt  to trick potential aircraft buyers into sending money or divulging financial or other personal information.

AOPA does not have an escrow service called “AOPA Escrow Services” for the purpose of buying or selling aircraft. AOPA partners with a company called Aero-Space Reports for title and escrow services, but it is never referred to as “AOPA Escrow Services.” If a “seller” should attempt to conduct a transaction with you using “AOPA Escrow Services,” stop all activity immediately and please report the incident to AOPA through the Pilot Information Center at 800/872-2672.

Here is one example of what the phishing scam may look like.

Scammers using AOPA name.

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