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AOPA member benefits

Protecting Your Right to Fly: Taking on regulatory and legislative threats to general aviation has remained the association’s primary focus for more than 70 years.


Protecting Your Right to Fly

Taking on regulatory and legislative threats to general aviation has remained the association’s primary focus for more than 70 years.

Keeping Aviation Accessible

More than 2,300 Airport Support Network volunteers across the country keep community airports open and free of restrictions, and protect backcountry airstrips and seaplane landing sites.

Representing Pilots on Capitol Hill

AOPA’s team in Washington, D.C., is actively engaged in every major policy issue that affects general aviation.

Fighting Excessive State Taxes and Fees

AOPA aggressively works in all 50 states fighting excessive taxes and fees, and securing new tax cuts. No new aviation taxes have been implemented in any state in the past two years.

Keeping airspace open

AOPA protects GA’s freedom to fly in the nation’s airspace, and is working for a benefits-driven transition to the next generation of air traffic control.

Safeguarding General Aviation Interests

AOPA leads the way in persuading the FAA to lower the cost of medical and aircraft certification, and actively engages in a transition to a future aviation fuel.

AOPA Political Action Committee

The AOPA PAC ensures that the cause of general aviation is recognized in Congress. Voluntary contributions enable the PAC to wage focused and effective campaigns for GA in Washington, D.C.

Media and events

AOPA Pilot Magazine

Award-winning AOPA Pilot keeps you in touch with the ever-changing world of general aviation.

Flight Training magazine

Insight and practical advice for students, active pilots, and CFIs from experienced pilot-authors.

AOPA ePilot and Eflight training

Weekly customizable email newsletters offering aviation industry news, information, and tips.

Aviation eBrief

Daily email newsletter offers up-to-the-minute GA news articles gathered from around the country.

AOPA Live this week

Weekly webcast show recaps the week’s news and showcases aviation feature stories.

AOPA aviation events

AOPA will hold a series of events throughout the country beginning in 2014. Watch these pages for additional information and locations.

Town Hall Meetings

AOPA President Mark Baker discusses the latest GA developments on local and national issues at locations throughout the country.

Growing the pilot population

Flying clubs

AOPA will promote flying clubs nationwide and provide the tools and resources needed to build successful clubs. The goal is to link 1,000 clubs in the next five years.

Flight training retention

The Flight Training Excellence Awards were created to recognize flight schools and CFIs that provide top-notch training experiences. Three Flight Training Field Guides have been developed for flight schools, instructors, and students.

Partners, Discounts, and Special Offers

Strategic Partners

AOPA Strategic Partners provide substantial support to AOPA year round. Current partners are Enterprise, National, and Alamo car rentals, Aircraft Spruce; Aero-Space Reports; and Bank of America.

Rental Cars

AOPA members save on car rentals with our Strategic Partners Enterprise, National, and Alamo.

Lifestyles/Member Discounts

Save money with exclusive members-only discounts and special offers from top aviation and nonaviation companies.

Aircraft Sweepstakes

AOPA sponsors a membership sweepstakes in which we give away a beautiful aircraft—fully outfitted and ready to take flight.

Insurance & Financial

AOPA insurance services-aviation

AOPA Insurance Services provides the best advice on aviation insurance, and access to multiple A-rated carriers for aircraft owners, renters, flying clubs, CFIs, and aviation businesses.

AOPA Aviation Finance Company

Loans are available for purchasing new or used aircraft, avionics, refinancing, and upgrades.

Aircraft Title and Escrow

AOPA’s Strategic Partner, Aero-Space Reports, handles title and escrow needs.

AD&D Insurance

AOPA’s Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance includes coverage for any eligible accidental loss, 24 hours a day, worldwide.

Term Life

AOPA’s affordable group rates on term life coverage—no aviation exclusions, and includes travel assistance services.

Emergency Assistance Plus

24-hour emergency and medical assistance backup plan offers a critical safety net against emergency expenses.

AOPA Credit Cards

AOPA BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Visa® credit card.

Safety and Education

Air Safety Institute

A wide array of interactive online courses, safety quizzes, webinars, and seminars to help pilots at all skill levels challenge their knowledge of air safety.

Pilot Resources

AOPA Pilot Information Center

Toll-free hotline at 800-USA-AOPA (872-2672). Speak with experienced pilots and CFIs for advice and answers to your aviation and medical questions.

FlyQ: the digital flight planner

Robust flight planning capability, airport directory information, and aviation weather for your smartphone, iPad, or computer.  

Aviation weather

Online graphical real-time aviation weather information.

AOPA Airports Online Directory

Online directory with vital preflight information, updated daily.

AOPA Pilot Protection Services

The Legal Services Plan/Pilot Protection Services protects your medical and legal certificates from issues that threaten your freedom to fly.

Giving Back

AOPA Foundation

Your tax-deductible donations provide funding in four key areas for important work that membership dues alone cannot support: safety education, growing the pilot population, preserving airports, and providing support for good work being done in general aviation.

Membership Matters

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1. Renew today! 2. Encourage someone to join. 3. Give a gift membership. 4. Refer a military aviator. 5. Sign up a future pilot for an AOPA youth membership.

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