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SkyVector launches world FBO directorySkyVector launches world FBO directory

Seattle-based SkyVector has launched its World FBO Directory as part of its chart viewer. The new directory seamlessly integrates into SkyVector’s mapping interface.

The free directory displays real-time fuel prices on the charts in relevant currencies and units of measure. It also allows users to filter for FBO features and facilities, including participation in fuel card programs or amenities offered.

SkyVector added the FBO directory in response to its users, said founder David Graves. “They have long asked us to finish our airport pages with FBO data, so we finally decided to do it,” he said.

The directory launched on Jan. 18, so data is still being filled in, said Graves. “Our hope is that FBOs will take an active role in claiming their listings and filling out their information,” he said. “But there are a lot of important FBOs out there whose information we don’t want to go stale, so we’ll call them to get the latest information.”

SkyVector will do its best to keep FBO information current, said Graves. “But we will also depend on our users to fill out reports on,” he said. “If we see prices that are too good to be true, we’ll check them. Users are required to enter an email when they add data, and if we see too many bad changes, we can block their updates.

“The basic free listing is incredibly powerful, helping pilots discover FBO’s in places they may never have thought to look,” said Graves in a media release. “As operators see how efficiently SkyVector brings airplanes to ramps at participating FBOs, we anticipate enthusiastic participation worldwide.”

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