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Five flight training appsFive flight training apps

At no matter what level you are in your flight training, the list of apps to help you continues to grow. This week, we look at five apps covering topics including references, maneuvers, and ground school. These are not endorsements of any app.

Flight Reference ($1.99 in Google Play): This smartphone and tablet training app was created by WAGmob’s Simple 'n Easy platform. Users have access to tutorials on topics including the four forces of flight, airplane parts, basic flight maneuvers, physics of flight, and an aviation glossary. It also includes quizzes and flash cards.

PRO Pilot Maneuvers ($24.99 in iTunes): This iPhone/iPad app helps student pilots perform maneuvers required by the  practical test standards, covering six sections: traffic patterns, takeoffs and departures, landings, slow flight and stalls, ground reference maneuvers, and performance maneuvers (steep turns).

Instrument Pilot Checkride ($9.99 in iTunes): Student pilots can use this iPhone/iPad app to test themselves on the questions most likely to be asked by examiners during the last step in the pilot certification process—the practical exam. Users have access to more than 450 questions, and the app teaches applicants not only what to expect, but also how to exhibit subject mastery and confidence when under the examiner's scrutiny. The app is based on the popular Instrument Oral Exam Guide book by Michael Hayes.

Ground School for Aviation (the app is free in iTunes, but courses range from $79.99 to $199.99): The free part of this iPhone/iPad app offers users sample content from current FAA publications, Air Safety Institute safety information and training publications, along with sample training videos, companion quizzes and reference materials, and information for all levels of pilot training.

Holding Pattern Trainer ($3.99 in iTunes): Student pilots can practice their IFR holding pattern entries via an iPhone or iPad. Features include a holding entry trainer, a holding calculator, and a holding tutorial.

I only reviewed one Google Play app this week. Because I’m on the iOS platform, I need members to send in their Android apps to ensure this column has balance. So again, please send in your recommendations from the Google Play store to me here. And please view my past app columns here, because I may have already done it.

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