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What you should know about purchasing AD&D coverageWhat you should know about purchasing AD&D coverage

Purchasing insurance typically is not on the top of the fun-to-do list and it can seem like a complicated process.  Here are some things you should know about accident insurance and the AOPA AD&D Protection Plan.  With AOPA Accidental Death & Dismemberment Protection Plan, you're protected anywhere, 24/7 coverage with aviation included. The guaranteed benefits cover general aviation pilots at all levels of flying, even student pilots.

Will I require a physical exam or blood test to get coverage? No. You and your eligible family members are guaranteed coverage—regardless of your level of flying experience, professional, lifestyle, or travel plans.

Are there exclusions based on age and state? Members 17 or younger or members age 75 and older are not eligible for coverage. Members residing in Montana, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia are not eligible for coverage at this time.

Does accident insurance duplicate my aircraft or auto coverage? No, because aircraft or auto insurance protects your airplane and vehicle. AOPA accident insurance benefits protect you. Benefits are paid directly to you and your family to spend as needed.

How does the AOPA-endorsed Accident Plan provide extra coverage for my family? The AOPA Accident Plan pays up to $5,000 training benefits for your covered spouse to advance his/her education if you die in/from a covered accident. Plus, it pays up to $5,000 each for up to four years for your eligible children to attend college if you die.

How much protection should I get? Accident coverage is inexpensive, so many AOPA members, under age 70, get the maximum protection available—$300,000.

Should I have accident protection if I carry life insurance? Accidents rank as one of the top causes of death in our country, according to the National Safety Council. It makes sense to add extra protection for accidental deaths or injuries. The AOPA Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance pays benefits to cover the unique costs associated with accidents—in addition to any coverage you already have. And accident protection is affordable—you can add up to $300,000 of protection for just pennies a day.

What if I'm injured at work? Benefits will be paid to you even if you suffer a covered injury at work and receive Workers Compensation benefits (other than the rehabilitation benefit). The AOPA plan pays benefits for any covered accident—24 hours a day, anywhere.

Who will be the beneficiary of my AOPA coverage? You decide who collects your benefits by designating your beneficiary on your enrollment form. If you do not name someone, your beneficiary will automatically be designated as your spouse, your children, your parents, your siblings, or your estate, in that order. You may change your beneficiary at any time by notifying the AOPA-endorsed insurance program administrator in writing. You are automatically the beneficiary for all coverage on your spouse.

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AOPA Member Products staff

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