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Apps can help you learn aircraft instrumentsApps can help you learn aircraft instruments

On March 25, I took a look at five instrument simulator apps. Below are some more apps that cover different areas of flight. These are not endorsements of any app.

Radionav Sim ($1.99 in iTunes): This iPad app helps pilots work on their radio navigation skills by simulating two instruments of choice among relative bearing indicator, radio magnetic indicator, VOR, and horizontal situation indicator. The app has a quiz mode where users have three chances to tap an aircraft’s correct location.

ADFVis ($1.99 in iTunes): Student pilots can use this iPhone/iPad app to track and intercept NDB courses. It offers settings including heading control, airspeed control, bearing control, and wind speed control.

Aircraft Altimeter ($0.99 in iTunes): This iPhone app uses the GPS function to show a photo-realistic altimeter that looks like the one used in general aviation aircraft. Users can see current altitude in analog and digital displays simultaneously, and displays can be configured to show meters or feet.

GPSCockpit ($1.99 in iTunes): Students can learn the view of a standard single-engine VFR cockpit using the iPhone GPS receiver on this app. The app simulates an airspeed indicator, altimeter, heading indicator, vertical speed indicator, turn coordinator, G-meter, and position information.

I apologize to my Google Play users for only including one of your apps this week. But I’m an iOS user, and I depend on you to cover the Android platform. So please send your favorite aviation apps, no matter what types, to me here. If you have an app, I have a category it will fit in. You can see the complete list of apps I’ve already highlighted here.

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