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ECi gets STC for 180-hp O-320 replacementECi gets STC for 180-hp O-320 replacement

ECi's 180-horsepower Titan 340 Stroker is the size and weight of a Lycoming 320 series but the power of a 360, the company said.

Engine Components International (ECi) announced July 29 that it has obtained a supplemental type certificate (STC) for the 180-horsepower Titan 340 Stroker engine, a direct replacement for the Lycoming O-320 engine series.

The engine fits in the envelope of a 320-cubic-inch Lycoming, but has a longer stroke, giving it a larger displacement, said ECi General Manager Tim Morland. Texas-based ECi received the STC in May, and Texas Skyways Inc. is now pursuing the STC for the Cessna 172 airframe. An Experimental version of the engine has flying since 2005, Morland said. A Cessna 172M used for testing was on display at EAA AirVenture.

ECi said the engine has the power of a 360 but the size and weight of a 320, at about 275 pounds with accessories. Morland said owners upgrading from a 320 engine won’t need to change exhaust or baffling.

“If we hadn’t told the guys in the shop it was a different engine, they would have thought it was a 320,” said Jack Johnson, president of Texas Skyways. He said the engine has more power and torque than the ones it will replace, and that the Cessna 172 sees about a 10-knot increase in cruise speed.

The base price of the engine with standard equipment is $29,200. It will be available with a carburetor or fuel injection, magnetos or electronic ignition, and Titan Nickel cylinders. It will be offered with a fixed-pitch propeller or a constant-speed propeller for an additional cost. The recommended time between overhauls for the 340 Stroker is 2,000 hours.

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