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Weigh these weight-and-balance apps for yourselfWeigh these weight-and-balance apps for yourself

On Dec. 4, I did my first column on weight and balance apps.  It turned out to be one of my most popular posts, because I received more than a dozen recommendations from members. So this week, I highlight another five. These are not endorsements of any app.

Aircraft Weight and Balance ($9.99 on iTunes and Google Play)—I’m always a fan of smartphone and tablet apps that can be used without an Internet connection, and this is one of them. It can handle U.S. and metric units, avgas and Jet A; calculates maximum fuel allowed for a given passenger and baggage loading; does load balancing; and can share weight-and-balance reports via email.

Gyronimo for Cessna 172M (approximately $15, converted, in iTunes)—Developer Claus Richter has created separate iPad apps that do performance and weight-and-balance calculations for the Cessna 152, along with the Cessna 172M, N, P, and S models. The app allows users to calculate and interpolate performance data from the Cessna 172S Pilot's Operating Handbook. The member who submitted the app said its only flaw is that he wants more aircraft covered.

AeroBalance ($19.99 in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad weight-and-balance app includes FAA type certificate data sheet information for more than 60,000 aircraft. The information is accessible via an N number, an empty weight, and an empty moment. How simple is that? But, AeroBalance works way beyond those 60,000 aircraft. You can share your setup information via email.

FlightScale ($4.99 in iTunes and $1.99 in Google Play)—Designed for the iPad, this app allows users to add aircraft data and see the weight and center-of-gravity plot on the live graph. The app has three templates to enter data for analysis covering standard configurations, weight/arm entries, and helicopters.

EZ Load ($3.99 in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad app allows users to enter information for each aircraft type used and offers four primary and one auxiliary view: list view, main view, graph view, description view, and info view.

For my Android people—I see your emails asking for more Google Play apps. But I’m an Apple fangirl, so I need your help to pass along the apps you like. Email them to me here. I’m looking for Google Play apps in the following categories: fuel, flight training, FBOs/services, instrument simulators, and logbooks. Thanks to everyone who has sent in suggestions.  And here’s the new link to an archive of my past columns.

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