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Apps to help prepare for private pilot exam, flight reviewApps to help prepare for private pilot exam, flight review

As I continue my personal journey as a student pilot, I’m always looking for any tip, trick, or technology that will help me in the learning process. To that end, there are myriad apps that can help do just that. Below are five handy apps submitted by AOPA members. These are not endorsements of any app.

  1. PilotFAR / AIM (free in iTunes) —This iPhone/iPad app includes 14 CFR (all parts), 49 CFR Part 830 (NTSB 830), Aeronautical Information Manual; and the Pilot/Controller Glossary. It also includes hyperlinks to all content. Users can highlight relevant text, have offline access to materials, and search regulations by words or search terms.
  2. Airplane Flying Handbook ($2.99 in iTunes)—Students can use this iPhone/iPad app to study skills including ground operations, slow flight, airport traffic patterns, night operations, emergency procedures, and more. Each section includes a title, a visual, and an explanation of what is being taught.
  3. Prepware Private Pilot ($9.99 in iTunes and Google Play)—This smartphone and tablet app covers study and test prep for the private pilot knowledge exam. It includes hundreds of possible questions that allow students to study and test themselves.
  4. Simple ’N Easy Flight ($1.99 in Google Play)—The beauty of this smartphone and tablet app is the ability to create tutorials, quizzes, and flashcards on the materials you need to study. Topics include basic flight maneuvers, the physics of flight, and an aviation glossary.
  5. Flight Review ($19.99 in iTunes, $29.99 in Google Play) —This interactive smartphone and tablet app by Sporty’s Pilot Shop includes review questions, quizzes, videos, and scoring for your next flight review. Topics covered include aeromedical factors, airspace, publications, regulations, airport signs and markings, and weather.

Do you have a fuel, FBO, or aviation services app that you enjoy using? Please pass them, along with any others, my way here. I want to make sure that the Android users continue to be represented in this column, so please keep the Google Play app recommendations coming! The complete list of apps I’ve reviewed since October 2012 is in AOPA’s online archive.

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