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Five more random appsFive more random apps

I last did a review of five random apps in November 2012. This week, I decided to use the randomizer again and pick another five apps across all categories and recommended by AOPA members. The apps chosen range from maps to checklists. These are not endorsements of any app.

  1. Airports 4 Pilots Pro World Edition ($6.99 cents in iTunes, 99 cents in Google Play)—This smartphone and tablet app offers users a comprehensive database of public and private airports, heliports, gliderports, balloonports, short fields, ultralight fields, and seaplane bases. It covers almost 20,000 public and private facilities across the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Pacific territories. Information offered includes facilities' runways, operations, contacts, services, supplies, frequencies, current FAA remarks, and satellite imagery and maps.
  2. Checklist (free in Google Play)—This is a smartphone app designed to create checklists for almost anything, including aviation. Each checklist can be organized into groups, including a specific airplane. You can export a group into a file that another user can then import into his or her copy of the app.
  3. Avare (free in Google Play)—This VFR-only app features online or offline airport/facility directories, approach plates, and GPS moving map on all FAA VFR sectionals, world aeronautical charts, and terminal area charts. It also offers IFR low enroute charts and airport diagrams. Users can also allow manual browsing of all charts and all other materials even without cell service or GPS.
  4. Aviation Tools Free (free in Google Play)—This free smartphone app offers tools a pilot may need to prepare for a flight, including METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, and airport/facility directories.
  5. Aviation Pilot Logbook (free in Google Play)—This smartphone app includes 50 fully customizable input fields; three different input pages for new flight entries; import function of old flight data; export and backup functions; and a crew duty rest calculator.

Please continue to send your Google Play and iTunes recommendations here. I’m working on a column on app updates, so if you’ve made any changes, please let me know. The complete list of apps I’ve reviewed since October 2012 is in AOPA’s online archive.

Topics: Apps, Gear, Pilot Training and Certification

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