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FAA rule modifies Nashville Class C airspaceFAA rule modifies Nashville Class C airspace

The FAA has published a final rule modifying the Nashville, Tenn., Class C airspace area despite AOPA’s view that the change was not needed or justified. The modified airspace configuration, which now aligns with the St. Louis VFR charting cycle, becomes effective June 27.

Under the modification, a cutout over the now-closed Cornelia Fort Airpark will be removed, restoring the surface area within a 5-nautical-mile radius of Nashville. The FAA appears to reclassify Class C airspace to a standard configuration, while providing no justification that the additional airspace grab is needed or justified.

Enlargement of the surface area of the Class C airspace should have been based on need—not to achieve a “standard” airspace configuration, AOPA said in formal comments submitted March 22, 2012.

The final rule will change the boundaries of Nashville’s Class C airspace area, so members should become familiar with the details of the final rule.

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