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FAA releases final rule on two DC T-routesFAA releases final rule on two DC T-routes

The FAA has issued a final rule establishing two T-routes to the northeast of the Washington, D.C., Class B airspace. The new routes for RNAV-equipped aircraft, to the northeast of D.C., are part of the optimization of airspace and procedures in the metroplex.

T-routes offer shorter routing in congested airspace, allow easier transition into the high-altitude route structure, and reduce air traffic control complexity. They also improve the efficiency of the National Airspace System and advance the use of NextGen technology.

But the proposed west T-route is so circuitous that it is unlikely that any pilot would use it, said Tom Kramer, AOPA manager of airspace and modernization, earlier this month. “Pilots don’t have a problem circumnavigating Class B—they do it already. What we need are T-routes through the Class B—one of the primary reasons T-routes were originally established, designed in concert with other instrument procedures to deconflict the operations,” he said.

AOPA has solicited member input and submitted comments on the NPRM, due by June 13. “We continue to evaluate and draft comments on the proposed west side T-routes,” said Kramer. Routes will be available Aug. 22.

Topics: Airspace, Navigation, ATC

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