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CFIs understand the risksCFIs understand the risks

As a CFI, you train your students to minimize risks and prepare for the future. Often, instructors make assumptions about their personal liability and rely on the FBO or owner of the aircraft to provide adequate coverage. Do not assume that the owner of the aircraft has provided full liability coverage for you in the case of an incident. Even though you may be named on the owner’s policy, you are not automatically included in that person’s liability coverage. Should an incident occur, you can be held liable and sued for damages to the aircraft as well as damages to persons or property, plus legal fees. AOPA recommends instructors carry CFI insurance to minimize their liability risks.

It is wise to understand the CFI insurance that you purchase, as there are significant differences; some will only cover you while you are in the aircraft. The AOPA policy will provide coverage for lawsuits after you sign off the student, should that student claim that his or her incident is due to something that was left out of the training, or that he or she was improperly trained. Passenger limits also vary between policies. Policies can have a per-person sublimit instead of a per-passenger sublimit. Per-passenger sublimits apply to passengers only; any bodily injury outside the aircraft falls under the occurrence limit. Policies with per-person sublimits are limited to all bodily injury inside or outside the aircraft. A per-passenger sublimit provides broader coverage than a per-person sublimit.

A CFI policy extends to cover you while you are flying recreationally also.

AOPA CFI insurance provides coverage levels to suit your needs. Working with our aviation experts, you can build a policy that will provide you the best coverage at the best price. Whether you're an instructor/owner, borrowing or renting aircraft, full-time or part-time, we can provide comprehensive coverage for both professional and personal use. Get covered today.

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