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Aviation gifts unpluggedAviation gifts unplugged

AOPA Pilot reviews aviation gadgets all year round. Pilots buy gadgets all year round.

aopa gift guide

AOPA Pilot reviews aviation gadgets all year round. Pilots buy gadgets all year round. So we could just give you a list of the products we’ve reviewed in the past. Instead, here are gifts with no plugs or wires attached, but nevertheless designed to make the pilot in your life happy this holiday season.

Color me aviation

Pilots love to show their connection to aviation outside the FBO, so what better than to surprise them with a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat? Check out these well-made T-shirts with a variety of aviation themes. Looking to signal your membership? AOPA’s got you covered with our own logo-branded merchandise.

Available through Red Canoe, or the AOPA store.

Take me to the movies

It’s the holidays! Turn off the training programs on your electronic devices and use them for the movies you’ll give or get as presents. They all have airplanes in them:

  • Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow: This little retro gem has it all—airplanes, robots, pilots, Shangri La, Jude Law, and Angelina Jolie. What’s not to like?
  • Planes: Root for Dusty and his team—this movie is for kids and the inner child in adults. The DVD comes with exciting bonus features not seen in the movie.
  • The Aviator: Follow the early years of aviator Howard Hughes.
  • And if that’s not enough, consider: The Battle of Britain, Amelia, Red Tails, Flyboys.

Fly me to…wherever

Every pilot has his/her flight bag. As most of the stuff we’re lugging around in them has been transferred to tablets, flight bags might change and we’ll wait until that happens. Meanwhile there’s something you cannot load on to your tablet—the clothes you’ll have to pack for that weekend trip. Give your pilot one of those and off you go.

For the bush pilot: Red Canoe

For the stylish weekend traveler: Tumi

Dog days of flying

A very special gift for the mutt pilot—protect your pet’s ears when you fly with them. Give them one of these wonderful ear muffs and they’ll enjoy flying with you even more.

Available through Mutt Muffs.

Let’s play

Toys are just for kids, right? Even if they’re aviation-themed, right? Right. Go ahead, we won’t tell. Here are some toys we found fun: Disney Planes “Racing Dusty” remote-controlled airplanes and helicopters

Available through the Disney Store and Amazon.

We’re not done yet! Look for more ideas in next month’s “Pilot Briefing.” We’re going to talk books, jewelry, and more.

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