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Question of the week: IFR flight planQuestion of the week: IFR flight plan


You've filed an IFR flight plan and departed from an airport that underlies a Class B airspace floor of 2,000 feet. The weather is great so you planned on obtaining your IFR clearance once airborne. You've contacted ATC and the controller replied with your call sign and instructed you to stand by. May you continue your climb into Class B airspace?


Since you have not received your IFR clearance you are still flying under VFR. ATC has not said you are cleared to enter Class B, so you may not enter the Class B airspace. You must maintain VFR and remain outside of the Class B airspace until a clearance is received, even if that means stopping your climb. Source: 14 CFR Part 91.131

Topics: Airspace, Technique, Pilot Weather Briefing Services

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