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Checklist apps? Check

Checklists are one of those staples in general aviation that everyone—from student pilots to grizzled veterans—must use. With the five apps below, users can go from laminated plastic to digital on their smartphones and tablets. These are not endorsements of any app.

Voice-Check (free for seven days, then $2.29 a month on Google Play): This smartphone/tablet app has 21 generic checklist templates installed that users can edit directly on their devices or online. It speaks checklist items and uses voice recognition to understand a reply. And to be completely hands-free, users can connect to a Bluetooth-enabled headset.

CheckMate (free in iTunes and Google Play, but aircraft checklists cost $14.99 each): Smartphone/tablet users can see all the steps needed for checks on their aircraft type, including emergency procedures. And the app allows users to customize the checklist to their specifications.

Cross Check ($2.99 in Windows Store): This smartphone app provides users with customizable checklists for six aircraft models. It offers night vision filters for easier viewing, the ability to share customized checklists and create templates, and live tile sizing to show more or less information.

Sporty's Aircraft Checklist (free in iTunes, but checklists for each aircraft type costs $9.99): Sporty’s tapped Qref, a maker of aviation checklists, to power its app for iPhone and iPad. Users can download customizable checklists from more than 50 manufacturers, including Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond, and Piper.

Checklisto (free in Google Play): This smartphone app allows users to create checklists; record start, taxi, takeoff, and shutdown time; and record tracks followed in flights. Users can customize checklists, use the app as part of a logbook, and create flight reports.

The Android and Windows apps suggestions are appreciated. Please continue to send your app suggestions here. I'm also looking for FBOs/services, fuel, games, instrument simulator, and radar apps. See the complete list of apps reviewed here.

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