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Specific apps for general aviation

There are always apps on the list that don’t fit into neat categories. This week we showcase five apps designed for general aviation pilots and enthusiasts. These are not an endorsement of any app.

Pilot's Terms - An Aviation Based Dictionary ($1.99 in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad app offers users access to more than 1,100 aviation terms and symbols using an easy search function. Topics covered include weather, pirep codes, V speeds, aircraft equipment and transponder squawk codes, and the phonetic alphabet.

iPlane.CIV HD ($1.99 in iTunes)—Users of this iPad app have access to more than 150 commercial and general aviation aircraft, including information on dimensions, range, and unit costs. It also has a library of more than 1,500 paint schemes for major and regional airlines.

Airport Codes Free (free in Google Play; Pro version costs $1.00)—This smartphone app offers users the names and IATA/ICAO codes for nearly 5,000 airports around the world. The Pro version of the app is ad-free, has a search function and does not need to connect to the Internet.

Aircraft Horizon ($0.99 cents in iTunes and $1.60 in Google Play)—Users of this smartphone/tablet app get a photo realistic attitude indicator similar to those found in general aviation aircraft. Pitch and roll angles are represented both with the analog instrument as well a digital display.

Advanced Avionics Handbook ($0.99 in Google Play)—This smartphone app holds a complete handbook created to offer general aviation users comprehensive information on advanced avionics equipment available in technically advanced aircraft.

There were three Google Play apps this week, thanks to reader submissions. Please send those, along with iTunes and Windows apps here. See the complete list of apps highlighted here.

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