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New Garmin release enhances 'connected cockpit'New Garmin release enhances 'connected cockpit'

Garmin Connext. Image courtesy of Garmin.

Garmin, setting its sights anew on "the connected cockpit," announced the availability of the Flight Stream 110/210 Bluetooth wireless gateway, enabling "connectivity and communication" between select Garmin avionics and the Garmin Pilot app on certain iPad/iPhone and Android devices.

The release is Garmin’s latest expansion of its Connext portfolio of products and features that are designed to provide "a true connected cockpit so pilots have easier access to information in flight."

Flight Stream 210 is compatible with the GTN 650/750 and GNS 430/530 WAAS series navigators, as well as the GDL 88 ADS-B datalink and GDL 69/69A SiriusXM datalink receivers. It simplifies flight planning by offering wireless flight plan transfer capabilities that are accomplished "with a couple of taps once the avionics are powered on," Garmin said.

Customers who have a GNS 430W/530W GNS WAAS navigator will be able to incorporate Victor airway navigation into flight plans using the Flight Stream 210 and Garmin Pilot.

Customers who have GDL 88 ADS-B datalink or GDL 69/69A SiriusXM datalink may also take advantage of wireless connectivity with Flight Stream 110. "When Flight Stream is paired with the GDL 88, ADS-B traffic and weather is wirelessly transferred and displayed within Garmin Pilot," Garmin said.

Remote control of SiriusXM satellite radio is also available with a free version of Garmin Pilot.

Adding to the versatility of the Flight Stream 110/210, GPS location information from the GTN and GNS WAAS navigators, or GDL 88 with an internal WAAS receiver, can be shared wirelessly to display precise positions for use within Garmin Pilot.

Garmin Flight Stream 210. Image courtesy of Garmin.

Flight Stream 210 also contains an internal attitude sensor which provides back-up attitude information for display within Garmin Pilot.

"With a future software update, high-integrity attitude information from a G500/G600 flight display can take priority to display back-up attitude and heading information," the company said.

Flight Stream 210 is available immediately for a list price of $999. Flight Stream 110 is available for a list price of $549. Corresponding software for the GTN and GNS WAAS series is available as a free upgrade from Garmin Authorized Dealers. Installation charges may apply.

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