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Aviators launch Slipstream Radio podcast

The new Slipstream Radio podcast is hoping that its mix of discussing military, professional, civil, and recreational aviation twice a month will help it stand out in a field of competitors.

Corporate and general aviation pilot Brent Owens and Air Force F-22 pilot Rob Burgon are teaming up on the podcast, during which they talk about various aviation topics through guest interviews, commentary on recent news, sharing best practices, training, career information, and recreational flying.

Burgon was a guest on the Airplane Geeks podcast in August 2013. “I had such a blast that I thought about pursuing one for myself,” he said. “The only thing holding me back was that I didn't want to go it alone. I had been following Brent's blog,, for a while and finally decided to start interacting a bit. It started with some comments on the blog and then we started emailing back and forth. It was like hanging it out with one my fighter buds only we had a lot more than just fighter aviation to talk about.”

Burgon said he and Owens, both AOPA members, were constantly asking each other questions about their jobs and flying experiences. “Putting that into the collaborative effort of a podcast was really the next logical step.”

Burgon holds a commercial certificate with instrument and multiengine-land ratings. “I'll have my CFII when I take the military competency exam within the coming month. On the military side I have instructor time in the T-38A and C models,” he said.

Owens said he came up “old school,” pumping gas for his private pilot certificate in high school and working his way up. “I’ve flown more than 40 different aircraft models, now I’m a captain on a Falcon 2000 for a large corporate operator in Ohio,” he said. “I have an ATP and I’m type rated in the Falcon 2000, Citation X, Citation 500, Citation VII, Hawker 1000, and Beechjet. For fun I currently fly the [Van’s] RV-8 that I built.”

In the first episode, which aired on Jan. 22, the pair discussed their backgrounds in general aviation and military aviation. “In the second show we talked about in-flight video from a high level and some of the nuances of the F-22 flight control system,” said Owens. “Episode three was our first guest, with U.S. Air Force aerospace physiologist Diane Campbell. We talked about spatial disorientation, pulling Gs, air sickness, and fatigue.”

Episode four is in post-production, and it discusses landing at the wrong airport, and talks about younger pilots and offsprings of pilots and the dynamics of that, said Owens. “Future guests include airline Capt. Eric Auxier, corporate pilot Ron Rapp, professional pilot Owen Zupp from Australia, and a U.S. Air Force flight surgeon.” 

Owens and Burgon both agree that podcasting is a great way to consume content. “Since the aviation demographic tends to be older, I don’t think they have as much exposure to the convenience and benefit of listening to something via their phone or MP3 player,” said Owens.

The podcast targets two core audiences: The up-and-coming aviator (military or civilian) and the general aviation enthusiast, said Owens. “Our show is unique because, we as hosts are both professional aviators. Most shows have none or a mix. I think what really separates us is our experience,” he said. “It’s not every day that you can listen to a guy that is flying the most capable fighter aircraft on the planet. Rob also has some civil background and plans to re-enter GA soon. I have done a lot of interesting flying in the civilian world and built my own airplane that I fly around. I think the two of us create a great blend with our combined 40 years of experience.” Download the podcast here.

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