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What’s app? Aviation games

Many pilots are grounded because of persistent nasty weather that has blanketed a good part of the country. Check out these five game apps to get your aviation fix. These are not endorsements of any app.

Ace Combat Xi Skies of Incursion ($2.99 in iTunes): Tap your inner combat ace with this iPhone/iPad app. The app allows players to choose from different aircraft and uses real satellite imaging and high-quality graphics for the game’s scenery. It does not currently support iOS 7.

Chopper Mike ($1.99 in iTunes and Google Play): This challenging, fast-paced arcade helicopter time trial game features smooth graphics and includes three difficulty modes and 48 levels.

iATC ($1.99 in iTunes): You are the air traffic controller in this iPhone/iPad app where you create a flow of aircraft and decide where aircraft will land. Control individual airplanes by altering their speed, heading, and altitude. You win and lose points based on how well you handle the aircraft in your sector. Pay 99 cents extra for airspace in select cities, including New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Build a Plane with Kate and Harry ($1.99 in iTunes and $1.94 in Google Play): Here’s an app for you and the kids. Help them build an aircraft with this interactive smartphone/tablet app. Choose from parts for hundreds of aircraft design combinations, build the aircraft, and watch it fly.

Chicken Wings: Chicken Whack ($1.99 in iTunes): This casual game app features characters from the Chicken Wing comic strips. Whack the Roost Air Crew chickens to wake them up and earn money and time. The game ends if you run out of time or coffee.

I’ve received more emails from Windows Phone users asking for their apps to be highlighted. If you have any, along with iOS and Android apps, please send them here. I’m also looking for your favorite apps covering fuel, FBO/aviation services, flight training, instrument simulators, and radar. The complete list of apps I’ve reviewed since October 2012 is in AOPA’s online archive

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